Butchery Recruitment

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Our Butchery division can mobilise skilled meat workers on contract terms from around the world and locate/relocate as and where required!
We obviously have to take into account the relevant migration/immigration laws of the countries where contractors are required to perform their duties – but this is second nature to our experienced team.
We are the leading butcher recruitment company, for the meat industry within the Uk. We supply butchers, Slaughterman, Trimmers, Boners and more…
In the last 15 year’s our staff have provided our customers, with in excess of 12,000 contract workers, supplying them to the UK, Europe, and Russia.
We have recently been asked to look at projects in Africa and the Southern Hemisphere.
 If you need skilled workers, call us to discuss your needs!
 We’re available on 0044 (0) 115 92 333 66.