Apprenticeship Standard in Butchery


360 Recruitment have joined forces with Foyle Food group to deliver the Apprenticeship standard in Butchery to tackle the skills shortages in the sector and upskill workers in mastering the art of one of the oldest trades in the world. 

Why now ? “A third of the current workforce is due to retire by 2024, leaving the Food and Drink industry facing a shortage of about 140,000 recruits” source:

An Apprenticeship essentially offers a balance between ‘learning whilst you earn’ - this enables individuals to gain transferrable skills and enter very competitive industries to further their chosen career path. "Why do a butchery apprenticeship" you may ask, well, not only will you learn the most traditional trade that has survived generations, however, once you qualify it can open a world of endless possibilities, from industrial butchery to catering to setting up your own butchery shop, should that be your end goal. Many seasoned professionals gain further experience by doing seasonal work abroad in Europe and Worldwide. !

Butchery Apprenticeships typically take 12-18 months to complete. Apprentices will complete a number of qualifications prior to entering the End Point Assessment; such as -  Level 2 Food Safety Award, Level 2 Health & Safety in the Food Supply Chain Award, Level 2 Knife Skills Award

So who are 360 recruitment? Established in 2010, 360 Recruitment is now recognised as one of the leading forces in the recruitment industry. Specialising in both temporary and permanent recruitment covering Meat Processing, Construction Engineering and Industrial sectors on both a national and international level. 

Due to UK’s meat processing sector’s commitment to tackle skills shortages and to increase its homegrown workforce, 360’s clients have turned to us for a collaborative approach to the delivery of the Apprenticeship programmes in Butchery and Abattoir Standards. The objective is to not only attract newcomers to the industry but also use this opportunity to offer professional development to their current workforce as they move towards digitalization and automation. 

360 Recruitment is a national training provider of Butchery and Abattoir standards across the UK. 360 have teamed up with one of the longest serving clients Foyle Food Group to deliver the Butchery and Abattoir Apprenticeship Standard for the 2018 cohort.

Foyle Food Group – dating back several generations, Foyle Food group has first entered the industry over 3 decades ago. Their aggressive growth strategy has enabled them to position themselves as a leading supplier of quality beef across the whole supply chain from farm to consumer – to date Foyle Food Group employs over 1200 staff across their 9 facilities. 
The first cohort will see 55 apprentices commencing apprenticeship programme in Butchery and Abattoir Standard at Foyle Food Group across two sites in Cinderford and  Melton Mowbray. 360 Recruitment will remain the sole training provider in the delivery of the apprenticeship standard for Foyle Food Group for the duration of the programme. 

If you are considering to enter the meat processing industry on a pathway to becoming fully qualified, then get in touch with us today to discuss your options. Our team will advise you on further steps required to enroll onto the next apprenticeship programme. 
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